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Technical specifications

Each foreGestalt companion and its accessories are carefully handcrafted by resorting to the latest additive manufacturing and replica casting technologies.

This page provides you with all information on the foreGestalt concept including technical specifications, information on size selection and on use modalities.

foreGestalt companion - Comparative Technical Specifications Table
foreGestalt companion - Device dimensions overview (Update 2023-03+)
foreGestalt companion - Tensioning strap specifications & features
foreGestalt tensioning strap | Out-of-the-box use modalitie

How to choose the size that will suit you best

One of two measures (or both) will help you decide, which of the three foreGestalt companion sizes (small – S, medium – M or large – L) will fit you best: penis diameter and/or penis circumference right below your penis neck at the uppermost portion of the penis shaft.


Perform the measurement(s) on your flaccid penis. Do NOT take the readings when your penis is erect or half-erect.

  • Diameter measurement: Either take a rigid ruler and read the width of the upper portion of the penis shaft. Try to look vertically down to reduce the parallax. Alternatively, take a caliper and measure the diameter without forcing the jaws into the skin. Instead, they should barely touch the skin.
  • Circumference measurement: Take a flexible measuring tape (self-retracting metal tape measures will NOT work) and wrap it around the upper portion of the penis shaft. Take the reading on the side of the tape that is facing you, just where the end of the tape touches it from below. Make sure the tape sits loosely. It should not squeeze your penis shaft.

Due to measurement errors, the diameter-to-circumference conversion (or vice versa) will very likely result in a mismatch between the two. (Calculation: circumference = diameter *  π =  diameter * 3.141 or diameter = circumference / 3.141) . A discrepancy of ±2 mm (ca. ±0.1″) for the diameter and ±4 mm (ca. ±0.15″) for the circumference is quite normal. It will only affect your size choice from the table below if your readings are just at the borderline between two sizes. In that case, the diameter of your corona or glans will help you decide: if your corona and/or glans are notably broader than your shaft, go for the larger size. Otherwise, select the smaller size. The larger-size foreGestalt companion may actually work as well, but be more difficult to apply and/or tend to slip off more easily upon tension.

If none of the three sizes fits you, please get in contact with us to discuss a custom-made foreGestalt companion that will suit you.

foreGestalt companion - Device size table

How to apply your foreGestalt companion

foreGestalt device specifications & how-to
foreGestalt device specifications & how-to
foreGestalt device specifications & how-to
foreGestalt device specifications & how-to

How to use the tensioning frame

The tensioning frame comes in two flavors. It can be either worn with a foam cushion that is cut to fit the length of your penis. Or use the tensioning bracket, which features an elastic band to adjust the tension.

foreGestalt companion - Tensioning frame modalities

You will find further information and answers to specific use and maintenance questions on our FAQ page.

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