Reverse circumcision · Restore your foreskin

foreGestalt is all required to restore your foreskin effectivelyforeGestalt is a comfortable and effective non-surgical skin stretching device that reverses circumcision in appearance with partial regain of sensitivity. It creates a tight and naturally looking surrogate foreskin. foreGestalt is easy to use and delivers visible results within weeks. Let your body do everything else at nature’s pace. Feel yourself again with a new, naturally looking foreskin in usually less than 24 months. foreGestalt will restore harmony in your body and mind. It will bring back what seemed lost forever.

Become yourself again!

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foreGestalt gently pulls your remaining penis skin. It takes advantage of your body’s capacity to compensate tissue tension by stimulating cell division and growth of new soft tissue.

foreGestalt is made of extra-stretchable, hypoallergenic polymer composites that are as soft as your own skin. Its patent pending shape and gripping mechanism keep your skin firmly entrapped while preventing painful damage to the pulled skin.

foreGestalt can be worn day and night in any body position without interfering with your daily activities, including most sports. It can even be worn under the shower and will not disturb you during your nap.

foreGestalt is 

  • extra soft, stretchy, comfortable and unobtrusive to wear 

  • compatible with all common tension-generating strategies (weights, straps, manual pulling)

  • not putting any pressure on the glans

  • a one-piece unit that will not fall off your flaccid or erect penis

  • equipped with a urinary passage: there is no need to take it off in the bathroom

  • staying put under the shower or when taking a bath

  • hypoallergenic, thereby reducing any kind of skin irritation

  • utilizable as a retainer

  • fitting in your pocket

Till the present day, natural soft tissue expansion is practiced all over the world by many cultures for aesthetic and cultural purposes. Partially irreversible skin expansion occurs naturally during pregnancy and obesity, and is exploited in modern medicine for various diagnostic indications.

foreGestalt adopts the time-proven principles of this cultural heritage for men’s benefit. foreGestalt is an utmost comfortable, robust and tissue-friendly non-surgical foreskin restoration device, unobtrusive to wear, easy and fast to both apply and take off, easy to clean and to disinfect, and very effective in stimulating tissue growth in the shortest possible time.

foreGestalt companions and their accessories are produced from high-tech functional co-polymers by resorting to the latest additive manufacturing and iterative replica casting technologies. The employed materials and processes lend a foreGestalt companion its unique skin-like auto-adhesive properties combined with exceptional and lasting durability. Based on a strongly research-centered and innovation-driven approach, we will strive to bring the best of what emerging technologies have to offer to the restoration community.

foreGestalt will change your life for the better!

You can do it too!