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We borrowed the German word ‘Gestalt’, mostly used in design, architecture and philosophy. It refers to “Configuration or structure, which forms a unified whole and cannot be predicted from its individual elements” and “An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.” We combined it with the English ‘fore’ to express our mission, the restoration of the foreskin in its most natural and perfect form – at least in appearance and partial regain of sensitivity. We are aware that only stem cell biology will eventually be able to regrow a foreskin completely. But for the time being, skin expansion is probably the most efficient and satisfactory way of creating a surrogate foreskin. And this is something that the foreGestalt companion is very good at.


forechoice (from Greek: prohairesis · pro: before, hairesis: choice): “A motive, which is in harmony or agreement with right desire” · “With deliberate attendance to purpose” · “Intellectual power to be autonomous” (Aristotle) · “Deliberate planning ahead” (Arendt)

The Mission

foreGestalt is driven by the audacious spirit of bringing the best of currently available scientific knowledge and technologies to the restoration community. At the same time, foreGestalt strives to make itself obsolete once societies have been educated about (and recognized) the disadvantages of unconsented circumcision.

The Team

We are two core members and a fluctuating number of enthusiastic volunteers, eager to shape this ‘startup innovativa’ in an European context, and to find and develop the most effective solutions/devices for you. 

Investors and Mergers Welcome!

Interested in and serious about acquiring or investing into this enterprise? Simply drop us a line (investors@foreGestalt.com) with a brief sketch of your proposal! Thanks!