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Pair of tensioning frames with cushions and bracket (add-on or spare) | Introductory offer

 58,00 98,00 inc. VAT

  • USD: $ 62.80 - $ 106.10

This pair of tensioning frames complements the tensioning strap experience. They allow you to wear your foreGestalt device without the strap, thereby rendering it even more unobtrusive. Preliminary studies also indicate that the combination of simultaneous tension and local pressure supports the skin elongation process. The foam cushion design makes it easy to adjust the applied tension to your needs. Rotate the frame step-wise around your shaft to systematically distribute the tension over the entire skin during the day. Due to its rigidity, the frame is less suited for overnight stretching sessions, but gives you equal freedom during the day. It also requires the user to know his stretching limits and body signals well. Frames are offered in one of the three standard sizes small (S), medium (M) or large (L), which fit most men. We also offer custom-sized and/or -shaped (C) frames upon request. If you already own a foreGestalt companion, the best choice is to select a same-sized frame.

These frames are compatible with T-taping, but not suited for devices with rigid outer components. foreGestalt companion - Device size table

Before ordering, please consult the table above and visit the resources page with information on how to determine the size that fits you best. If you still have doubts about your decision, please drop us a line using our contact form or by e-mail ( With the information you provide, we will try to find the best solution for you.


foreGestalt tensioning frames | The expert choice for experienced restorers to add a new modality to their restoration journey. Using the frame requires some knowledge and alertness to correctly interpret your body signals to stay within safe tension limits.

Additional information

Weight40 g
Dimensions70 × 70 × 100 mm

S, M, L, C